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As a student or intern, your core needs for ideal accommodation will probably include being close to other people with similar lifestyles, safety of property and of course amenities. Sebo Relocation is always aware that rental costs would be key

Leaving home for the first time is always a big step forward in life but when that move is to another country, it is even more daunting. As an expat, Bastien is only too aware of how important it is to have the guidance of people who know the market and the pitfalls of finding the right place to live

It’s important to build a strong relationship when looking for the right accommodation so at Sebo Relocation, we would appoint one member of our team to work with you throughout – from viewing to moving in

We are aware that parents of our students and interns are often much part of ensuring their young ones find the right place to live whilst studying and as such we know that communicating at all times is key. At Sebo Relocation, we are available to answer any questions and address any worries

In an uncertain property market place and the added problem of another language, you can rely on Sebo Relocation to help you every step of the way.

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