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Quick Relocation

February 12th, 2012

Time, efficiency, expertise, knowledge, and execution was critical in selecting a firm to assist me in finding a flat around Monaco quickly. As the Safety and Loss Prevention Engineer for the European region of a global oil company, my time was limited and with out delay, Bastien delivered on all these attributes, and in one day he organized 4 flats for me to see, all within my criteria and easily selected one on the same day. His knowledge allowed me to focus on my business, as he executed and delivered on finding a flat within the time he said in our initial meeting. I highly recommend Sebo Relocation for anyone looking for a flat between Nice and Menton.

Lidya Oomen
Managing Director 

“Booked from a distance”

February 22nd 2012

I needed an apartment for my son upon his arrival as his studies started at IUM in January. We live in Canada and visiting up front wasn’t an option. I had no choice but trying to find an apartment near Monaco without seeing it first. It was a long shot but I had to make it work and that’s where Sebo Relocation came in. After asking the right questions to make sure we were on the same line, Bastien forwarded pictures and descriptions of several apartments. All of them had been rented by other IUM students in the passed which made our choice easier. I payed up front and the apartment was ready to go when my son came to France. It’s all about trust and Sebo Relocation has proven it’s worth it.

Madeleine Chevenaux
IUM student parent

I can’t speak highly enough of Sebo Relocation!

September 11th, 2012

Moving to a city in a foreign country can be confusing. Bastien and his team did a great job of making my transition to Monaco as seamless as possible. In just one day, my roommates and I procured a fabulous flat which has been invaluable to making my stay in France an enjoyable one. I never would have been able to find this on my own, no matter how well-prepared I felt about my move to Monaco. I can’t speak highly enough of Sebo Relocation!

George McLaughlin
IUM student

Signed Lease by Mid-Afternoon

April 4th, 2012

I was quite amazed how well Bastien assisted our apartment search for our 2 daughters who were relocating around Monaco to study at IUM. The number of flats we saw in a short period of time was quite educational and helped us immensely to understand the local rental market. By mid-afternoon we had signed our lease which allowed us to enjoy the rest of our time in France. The added bonus was the follow-up service and assistance during the actual move which was greatly appreciated.

Electrical Discipline Lead eng.

“Signed by the end of the day”

May 6th, 2012

I used Sebo Relocation when my family and I moved to France from Singapore in April 2011. There are a several choices of villages to live around Monaco, but very little information on the internet gave a real idea of what was actually available and livable for a family of three. Any move can be stressful, but one of the great things about working with Sebo Relocation on this was the way they gather your requirements and then you go out on a single, focused day. I probably would have spent 3 weeks on my own researching and looking at places! And of course, I just didn’t have the time to do this. We arrived on a Thursday, went out on a Saturday, and signed by the end of the day Saturday. We have been very happy with the choice we made. I recommend Bastien and his team at Sebo Relocation highly and would use them again!

Eric Linton
Planning Engineer
Monaco Office

“Smooth and Simple” Flat-Finding Service

July 1st, 2012

Working with Bastien and his team at Sebo Relocation was a wonderful experience. I needed help quickly and they responded to my needs immediately. They were thorough in offering several properties to choose from that were within my company’s budget. The fees for their services were also very reasonable. I know that I will continue to use Sebo Relocation for any future needs I have!

Peter Usoche


Moving to Monaco from Hamburg

July 30th, 2012

When we got the offer to move to Monaco from Hamburg we didn’t have much time to find ourselves an apartment. We soon realised that’s it’s practicly impossible to do so from a distance. We started looking for a company that offered the service we needed and stumbled upon the Sebo Relocation website. Throughout the process they have been very accommodating to what we have given as our requirement for an apartment that was up to our standards as young professionals moving from a country with one of the highest living standards in the world, moving to a brand new culture and country we now feel we have found what we were looking for – a home.

S. Wolff
Accountant Assistant

“Couldn’t have done it without you!!”

August 7th, 2012

Deciding to move to Monaco was an easy decision, but finding a place to live was difficult especially living over 4,000 miles away. After extensive research on the internet and recommendations from friends, I put my trust in the hands and care of Bastien Boosten and his team at Sebo Relocation Services. After a few email and phone exchanges, I was confident that Bastien knew what my housing and budgetary needs were and the area which would suit me best. With the help of Sebo Relocation Services, I now live in an incredible flat that reflects my own taste and style in a neighborhood I truly enjoy. I’m so thankful for Bastien and his team because with their care and service, I was able to quickly establish myself in Beausoleil, next to Monaco, and focus on what I came here to do. Thanks Sebo Relocation…. couldn’t have done it without you!!

Peter Tools
Corporate Communications Manager

Sebo Relocation knows all the do’s and don’ts”

August 12th, 2012

When I got a job in Monaco my major concern was finding a nice place to live. After finding Sebo Relocation through Google I contacted them to see what they could do for me. That’s a decision I’m more than happy with today. I would never, ever, had found my way in what is France’s rental jungle. Sebo Relocation knows all the do’s and dont’s, which made me feel safe and certain that I would end up in a neighborhood that I liked, and in an apartment I would love coming home to. If you’re moving to France I highly recommend Sebo Relocation and it’s enthusiastic owner Bastien. Thank you for making my move to France painless and helping me getting a perfect apartment where I wanted to live!

Eric Brandt

“Put my worries at ease”

September 17th, 2012

Working with Sebo Relocation put my worries at ease. From the very beginning I felt I was in good hands. Bastien kept in close contact with me and was willing to listen to my concerns. The day of viewing flats was a long one but very productive and ran smoothly. Sebo Relocation’s work ethic and integrity are outstanding. I would recommend their services to anyone relocating around Monaco!! I am so grateful for their help.

Aline McGregor
Group Hsse Director